Health Level Seven (HL7) Automated Testing

A fully featured Immunization Information System (IIS) must accept and process HL7 messages to support data exchange.  However, thoroughly testing IIS ability to properly process and validate HL7 messages is time consuming.  For example, properly testing IIS inbound HL7 message processing involves the creation of a comprehensive set of test HL7 messages that cover the wide range of possible HL7 message scenarios.


• Manually creating unique test HL7 Messages

• Sending the test messages

• Finding the exact cause of any errors

• Recording the test results

• Tedious and time consuming processes, prone to human error

Instead, imagine a tool that could thoroughly test IIS HL7 processing functionality with the click of a button and ensure the IIS correctly validates messages according to the HL7 standard.

The advantages of using an end-to-end HL7 Testing Tool is that it automates the tedious process of creating test cases and documenting the test result for an HL7 interface.


The HL7 testing tool automates the end-to-end testing of HL7 message processing functionality within the IIS.

HL7 Testing

With the ever increasing use and importance of HL7 message processing, it is paramount that the IIS HL7 processing module is tested thoroughly and that across the country we can be sure that the IIS HL7 message validation logic is consistent.