Lantern: A Matching Tool


A Brighter Way to Better Data


Do you have duplicate records in your mission critical system? 

Do you spend precious time each day manually reviewing records to resolve duplicates?


Lantern is a first-in-class software service for identifying matching records. Built for flexibility and sustainability,

Lantern can be fully integrated within your existing applications or can be used as a stand-alone component.


The Benefits Of Lantern’s Deep Learning Approach

Reduce Manual Effort

Save time, resources, and money by reducing manual effort to identify matches.

Improve Data Quality

Identify erroneously merged records and other data anomalies.

Full Support & Ease of Use

Our full support model and thoughtful approach will ensure that there is no impact on your production systems.

Learn How Lantern Can Help You 

 The Challenge


In a world of electronic data exchange and hurried data entry, effective patient de-duplication is the first step to ensuring that records within your system are complete, accurate, and current. While most systems have some form of de-duplication, even the best algorithms can yield thousands or even hundreds of thousands of possible matches that require manual review. It may also be difficult to determine whether your system is merging records that it should not (‘over-deduping’), or not merging records that it ought to be (‘under-deduping’).


Through over a decade of work implementing IT and healthcare systems infrastructure, SSG discovered the challenges faced in accurately matching and de-duplicating critical records. We know that records are sent from different sources, sent at different points in time, and have varying degrees of completeness. We also know the problems with recognizing and identifying gaps in traditional de-duplication algorithms. We’ve seen first hand how it can be a ‘hit-or-miss’ proposition often initiated by chance. These data discrepancies continue to prove difficult for both organizations and the people they serve.

The Solution


At SSG, we believe that utilizing technology can positively impact lives. That’s why, with these challenges in mind, our team developed Lantern using deep learning artificial intelligence concepts, because we know that through the power of probability, there is a better way to evaluate system records. The technology powering Lantern is a departure from traditional de-duplication algorithms that perform fixed statistical analysis on data points, such as expression-based comparisons or weighted algorithms.


The dynamic approach of Lantern incorporates the results from evaluating millions of records into our tool, ensuring that you can better predict if records are a match. In short, don’t let bad data threaten the reputation and credibility of your system.

The Services We Offer with Lantern


At SSG, we remain flexible to meet our customer needs. That’s why we offer the following services related to Lantern:

Data Analysis Report

Depending on your system’s and business requirements, our experts will produce a report of possible data integrity issues.

Data Cleansing & Profiling

Based on the data analysis, we can determine the root cause of gaps in existing algorithms and suggest remedies to fix any  data issues.

As a Direct Plug-in

Embed our matching engine into your system for use as part of the system’s workflow.

But, I already have a de-duplication engine in my System…


No problem.  Lantern can be used as a one-time assessment tool to evaluate the performance of current de-duplication approaches and data quality. Our team of experts will produce an in-depth report identifying possible matching anomalies and gaps in existing algorithms.


Contact us today to find out how you can start seeing the benefits of Lantern.


Lantern was recently presented during the AIRA 2017 National Meeting. Feel free to check out our presentation here:


Patient Deduplication in Massachusetts: An Algorithm and a Tool