Case Study: Immunization Systems

The Creation of the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS)

MIIS Case Study


Beginning in 2011, SSG partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) to create, deploy, and operate an electronic Immunization Information System (IIS) to meet the Meaningful Use (MU) Criteria and regulations as defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Previously, immunizations across the Commonwealth were recorded through a paper based records system that was sent between providers, patients, and health based officials through both mail and fax. SSG built a custom Open Source based IIS solution to manage vaccine reporting, inventory management, and MU compliant data exchange. The Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS) has become a sustainable and scalable solution that continues to improve public health outcomes throughout the Commonwealth.


Prior to the implementation of the MIIS, immunization records were not filed electronically in the Commonwealth. The MA Immunization Program tasked with managing, distributing, and analyzing vaccine information[i], was challenged by the costly system that often resulted in inefficiencies, immunization waste, and unnecessary immunization duplication, which was failing to meet constituents’ needs.


The paper-based processes also proved difficult for providers and patients to maintain, communicate, and execute. Providers often did not have access to complete immunization records of their patients, especially in the case of complex vaccine schedules for children, who require 18-22 vaccines before age six [ii].


To improve efficiency and outcomes, the MDPH needed a centralized, confidential, and secure system that would communicate and provide up-to-date vaccine information. In order to comply with federal and state legislation, avoid wasteful vaccine spoilage, and improve constituents’ access to quality healthcare, the MDPH initiated the MIIS project.

How We Helped

Through our partnership with the MDPH, SSG was able to implement a fully-featured solution that successfully addressed the challenges faced by the Commonwealth. Our team of Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, and Quality Assurance professionals worked together to implement a sustainable solution based on Open Source frameworks and established industry standards, including national IIS guidelines. The MIIS reduces costs, allows patients and providers access to up-to-date vaccine records, manages vaccine inventory, and provides a security data exchange platform. Our latest release includes a school module, enabling schools appropriate access to support compliance with immunization regulation.


For a full overview of SSG’s capabilities regarding IIS solutions, please visit our experience section.

The Results

Today the MIIS is a secure and confidential registry that allows for precise vaccine ordering and maintenance of accurate inventory levels. MIIS ensures up-to-date information is available and it also acts as a forecasting system, giving providers and caregivers the ability to prepare for future vaccinations.  In addition, the MIIS system allows public health officials the ability to track vaccinations during a disease outbreak event, ensuring long-term public health benefits. Today, Massachusetts has more insight than ever into the vaccine administration and compliance measures throughout the Commonwealth.


Notable accomplishments of the MIIS include:


  •  MA has joined the list of states with electronic registries [iii]; which has been proven to increase population vaccination rates.
  •  Nearly 2,000 [iv] providers across the Commonwealth provide data to the MIIS registry.
  •  Consolidated Immunization Records have been tracked for nearly six million patients, nearly a 50% increase from the number of patients recorded last year.
  •  Over 41.6 million immunizations have been recorded in the MIIS and that number continues to increase each day.

For more information regarding the MIIS system, please visit the MA Immunization website.